Watsu® Aquatic Bodywork

Qi Works invites you to experience Watsu® Aquatic Bodywork at at our eco-friendly, warm water pool (~34-36C) nestled on the hill in Napier, Hawke's Bay.


Water + Shiatsu combines elements of massage, joint mobilisation, accupressure, and muscle stretching while the receiver is supported and moved fluidly through warm water.

The deeply relaxing effects of warm water combined with the bodywork provide a range of benefits and potential healing on many levels.

Receive a session from Qi Works to relax, work through chronic pain or injury, or just be pampered.

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By selecting 'Book Now' you will be taken to a portal to select booking an individual 60 or 90 minute session, a 120 minute couples session, or purchase vouchers.

For appointments, you will then be able to select date and time, provide intake information, and make payment.

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  • Don’t forget your togs. You may wish to bring your own towel, toiletries and water bottle. (earplugs optional)
  • Arrive promptly
  • You may park in driveway or on road in front of house
  • Enter through side gate which will be open
  • Follow along ramped path and enter pool area
  • There is opportunity to ask further questions and discuss in confidence any concerns you may have.
  • There is a changing room with toilets as well as a private outdoor shower.
  • Access to pool is via stairs with handrails or transfer bench.
  • Do not enter pool until instructed to do so.
  • There is a roof over pool.

Drink water and stay well hydrated. After your first session you may wish to take time for yourself. Some will feel light and energised others may want to take a nap. I will follow up with you in a day or two following your session.

Benefits of Watsu®

Jennifer Leaf

Jennifer Leaf

Jennifer Leaf is a Registered Practitioner of Watsu® via Aquatic Bodywork Association of New Zealand (ABANZ) and Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA).

Jennifer began her Watsu® aquatic bodywork training in 2002.

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