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Aquatic Bodywork

Harnessing the therapeutic effects of warm water to induce wellbeing and healing while providing mindful and gentle movements, stretches, and massage. Your session will incorporate one of more of the following:

Watsu® is the world’s first form of aquatic bodywork using passive stretching, acupressure, and massage while floating the receiver in warm water. Harold Dull studied Zen Shiatsu under Master Shizuto Masunaga. Harold Dull’s union of this work and California hotsprings in the 1980’s has since grown to incorporate various other techniques and gain international recognition.

Healing Dance® developed from Watsu® and WaterDance™ (Arjana Brunschwiler) by Alexander George incorporates his professional background in ballet and Trager work. Collaborating closely with Inika Spence-Whaley and others, the techniques incorporate three dimensions, spirals, movement or fluidity.

Aquatic Integration™ encourages sensory integration through touch, communication, stillness, and movement . Rooted in Watsu® and neuro somatic assessment, Cameron West's Aquatic Integration bridges Eastern and Western approaches to healing.

Underwater sessions add a spacious experience to a session. Let your practitioner know if you would like to experience this.

Modifications can be made to assist you having a safe and enjoyable experience whether that includes using special flotation devices, shorter sessions, and/or cooler water (e.g., for those with MS).

The 30 minute session is recommended if the body is deconditioned or prone to soreness after little movement (i.e., fibromyalgia, ME, long COVID, etc.)

Adapted Aquatics Jennifer has trained and taught individuals with a range of disabilities and ages in both class and one-on-one instruction. Activities such as water safety, swimming, and aquatic exercise are modified to meet the individual goals and needs of the participants.

Standard Pricing

$130.00 - 60min session (allow 1.5hrs)
$185.00 - 90min session (allow 2hrs)
$70.00 - 30min session (special conditions apply - allow 1hr)

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Couples Pricing

(Two full sessions booked one after the other - for friends or partners - you may remain in the pool for full 2 sessions)

$230.00 - 120min session (allow 1.5hrs per session)

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Bulk Discounts

(all sessions have to be used within a year)

$360.00 - 3x 60min session
$890.00 - 8x 60min session
$1260.00 - 8x 90min session
$480.00 - 8x 30min session (special conditions apply)

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